Linda SteinbergAs the incoming President of this amazing organization it is my pleasure to introduce the new officers of the NCJWC Board for the term 2022-2025.

Debbie Wasserman, Immediate Past President; VP’S Eva Karpati, Naomi Kingston, Monika Simon; Bianca Krimberg, Treasurer; Rebecca Asbell, Secretary and Helen Marr, Honourary President.

I am very excited to work with these inspirational and passionate women. Together we have already begun to work on the 4 pillars of our vision for the next three years; Volunteer Engagement, Strategic Planning, Social Action, and Commitment to Israel.

Our volunteers are the core of Council and play an important role in all that we do, helping to make an impact in our communities. The work of our Sections defines our place on the Canadian Jewish landscape. We have come a long way, addressing needs as they arise, continuing a link to the ideas and dreams of National’s Founding Members 130 years ago. We will continue to focus on these aspirations by ensuring our volunteers have meaningful involvement in shaping our National Agenda.

A second area of focus will be to create a National Strategic Plan with input from our members and provide support to the Sections with their Strategic Plan endeavours.

The thrust of our commitment to Social Action will focus on fighting antisemitism. We have an important role as a National organization to speak up and continue to address antisemitism across the county. Currently, ‘The Women 2 Women Countering Racism’ focus group is developing a multi pronged action plan to share and present to multifaith communities.

I am looking forward to keeping you informed of our activities.

Happy Chanukah, Chag Sameach

Wishing you and your families peace and happiness and may your candles burn bright.

Linda Steinberg