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The National Council of Jewish Women of Canada is a voluntary organization which, in the spirit of Judaism, is dedicated to furthering human welfare in the Jewish and general communities Locally, Nationally and Internationally. Through an integrated program of education, service and social action, the organization helps to fulfil unmet needs and to serve the individual and the community.

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Passover 2022 Message from the President of NCJWC

This year the Passover season brings with it glimmers of hope that Covid times may be
disappearing. For two years NCJWC has strived to continue to be relevant and active
nationally and internationally.

Across the country, the Sections are all engaged in programs and outreach in spite of
Covid restrictions. We can certainly be proud of our determination and perseverance to
carry on!

National has continued to offer webinars to our members, recently hosting one in
partnership with the Commonwealth Jewish Network entitled “Women in Leadership – A
Journey to Success” featuring Dr. Janet Aizenstros, an iconic example of a self-made
successful entrepreneur. The recording of this event is available on our website

NCJWC continues to strengthen our alliances with organizations such as the Raoul
Wallenberg Centre in Montreal for human rights activism, with CIJA’s efforts against
anti-Semitism and with B’nai Brith for Parliamentary initiatives.

In the Fall at our AGM, Dr. Irwin Cotler’s presentation The Durban Legacy of Hate: 20
Years later – What Needs to be Done resonated with us and encouraged NCJWC to
do more to fight this constant battle of antisemitism. To this end, we had the motivation
to act and a focus group was formed to investigate how to direct our efforts as a
national organization. This core group of women have worked to form an alliance with
members of the National Council of Muslim Women. The idea is that by learning about
other targeted groups of hatred, together we can form alliances to fight not only
anti-semitism, but work to stop all hateful behavior. On March 24th, there was a webinar
for the focus group presented by the Montreal Holocaust Museum. The purpose of our
webinar was to educate and sensitize our Muslim sisters about antisemitism. This
factual presentation on antisemitism historically and today was a great overview. A
survivor’s heart wrenching story of her real-life experience during the Holocaust gave us
all a picture of how, even in the face of hatred and discrimination, there are people who
survive, and how important their stories are to share.

NCJWC is proud to be involved in the global effort of the Every Women Treaty – a
proposal to become adopted by the UN. This is a global campaign for an international
treaty to end violence against women and girls. As part of the Canadian coalition, we
are helping to contribute with the outreach to various women’s organizations. The more
individuals and organizations that become involved, the better chance for this treaty to
become a reality.

Working internationally, we continue our involvement with International Council of
Jewish Women and the Jewish Commonwealth Network. By being involved with these
organizations we represent the voice of Jewish women in Canada.

Wishing you all a very happy and healthy Pesach,
Chag Samaech!

Debbie Wasserman

NCJWC Debbie Wasserman President