Our History

NCJWC National Logo

 In 1893, when Hannah Solomon was asked to organize the participation of Jewish Women at the Chicago World Fair, and discovered that their participation would not be substantive, she and her delegates walked out. The role of Jewish women and the nature of volunteerism had changed.

In 1897, 4 years after NCJW had been established in Chicago, NCJWC was born in Toronto. It was the first Jewish Women’s organization in Canada. Today, we have sections in Toronto, Simcoe County, Winnipeg, Edmonton and Vancouver, with members in other Canadian cities.

It was then and still is a volunteer service organization dedicated to identifying Jewish and Non-Jewish community needs and providing leadership, energy, and financial resources to bring about meaningful changes.

Faith and Humanity continue to be a guiding principle of National Council of Jewish Women of Canada. There is an abiding faith in the future and an equally strong belief in the ultimate good that results in the practice of a humane way of life.