Who We Are

National Council of Jewish Women of Canada (NCJWC), the first Jewish Women’s organization in Canada, is a volunteer organization that has been a catalyst for change since 1897, fighting to ensure the rights of women, children, and families, the disabled and new Canadians through service, education and social action.

NCJWC’s pioneering spirit continues to this day as it identifies the needs of women of diverse backgrounds and abilities and ensures that they have a voice by developing innovative programs to identify those needs. All who come to NCJWC share a belief that progressive ideals put into action can improve our community, our country and the world.

NCJWC is a place to nurture those ideals and put them into action. We are a unique bridge between the haves and have nots, between Jewish and secular cultures, between Canadian, Israeli and international initiatives. In our name you will find a proud history of more than a century of action and advocacy, of struggle and success in advancing social justice and human welfare. NCJWC stands alone in the “bridge” capacity. Since 1897, we have provided a forum for advocacy: our Canadian Jewish women speak and work for civil rights, women’s and children’s rights, public health, day care, education and programming for the elderly. The work of these Canadian women, these Council women have made a profound difference for people of diverse ages, races and religious backgrounds.

NCJWC is a member of International Council of Jewish Women (icjw.org). We advocate freedom, rights and betterment of women throughout the world through our work with non-governmental organizations at the United Nations. In Israel, we lobby on behalf of those women who are kept captive by unfair divorce laws (Agunot).





Debbie Wasserman
National President – president@ncjwc.org

Sharon Allentuck, Winnipeg, MB
Immediate Past President

Helen Marr, Toronto, ON
Honourary President


Vice Presidents

Karen Fenwick, Toronto, ON
Vice President, Communications

Linda Steinberg, Toronto, ON
Vice President, Service & Education

Debby Altow, Vancouver, BC
Vice President, Social Action


Other Board Members

Paula Frisch, Toronto, ON
Treasurer – treasurer@ncjwc.org

Rebecca Asbell, Edmonton, AB


Marjorie Blankstein, OM, Winnipeg, MB
National Advisory Committee

Roz Fine, Toronto, ON
National Advisory Committee

Helen Marr, Toronto, ON
National Advisory Committee

Dorothy Reitman, OM, Montreal, PQ
National Advisory Committee


Section Presidents

Catherine Stoller, Vancouver, BC
Vancouver Section President

Jodi Zabludowski, Edmonton, AB

Edmonton Section President

Sharon Graham, Winnipeg, MB
Winnipeg Section President

Sheila Neuburger, Toronto, ON
Toronto Section President

Helen Silverstein, Simcoe County, ON
Simcoe County Section President


Projects and Committee Chairs

Carol Slater, Montreal, Que

Dahlia Rusinek, Toronto, ON


Bianca Krimberg, Calgary, AB
Child Poverty

Heather Gillman, Winnipeg, MB

Irene Samuel Leadership Initiative*
Gift of Life Organ and Tissue Donation*

Dr. Cheryl Rockman Greenberg, advisor, Winnipeg, MB
Jewish Genetic Awareness Testing*

Ena Cord, Toronto, ON
Human Trafficking

Helen Silverstein, Simcoe, ON
Outreach Chair



The International Council of Jewish Women (ICJW) was founded in Rome, Italy in 1912 but because of interruptions of two world wars, it functioned only intermittently until after the Second World War. It was revived at a meeting held in Paris, France in 1949. Canada was represented at this historic meeting. Since then, two Canadians have held the position of President of the ICJW. Today, ICJW represents 43 affiliate Jewish women’s organizations in five continents.

For more information about the International Council of Jewish Women go to www.icjw.org

Coalition of jewish women against domestic violence and the coalition for agunot rights

Through its affiliation with the International Council of Jewish Women, NCJWC is member of the Coalition of Jewish Women against Domestic Violence and the Coalition for Agunot Rights.


Unesco sub commission on the status of women

Through its affiliation with the International Council of Jewish Women, NCJWC is a member of the UNESCO Sub commission on the status of women.