Celebrating 122 Years with a Commemorative Plaque

On June 27th, we celebrated the installation of the commemorative plaque created by the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada and Parks Canada outside of 44 St. George Street, our first home. Our own Helen Marr, Dr. Richard Always, chair of the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada, Michael Levitt, our MP, James Pasternak, our City Councillor, and Debbie Wasserman, our National President all spoke to the legacy we have created and the impact we have made on the community. This profound recognition now holds a visible and important spot in the landscape of Toronto.

Please visit the plaque when you are downtown so you can experience it and be proud.
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Plaque Ceremony at 44 St. George, Toronto– Thursday June 26, 2019

For over 122 years NCJWC has been a constant in Canada, establishing its roots right here in the city of Toronto. In 1897 this first section began and it was not until 1918 that the next section was established in Montreal. The expansion continued to other cities through the decades.

In 1922 44 St. George became the headquarters of Toronto Section, also serving as the headquarters of the National organization at various times, and NCJWC Toronto remained at this location until 1963 when our new building at 4700 Bathurst Street was built.

You have all heard about our wonderful, rich history. Today we are still strong, concentrating our efforts on the pillars on which we began – service, education and social action.

Over the years, NCJWC ‘s tentacles have been far reaching across the country. Today, we have 5 active sections. Each section’s programs and services reflect the needs within their unique community.

Today we work to educate those in our community about the threat of human trafficking, not only for those from abroad but here at home.

We continue to work across the country to educate Jewish individuals and couples on the benefits of genetic screening.

We are strong advocates of organ and tissue dnation. We help to educate the Jewish public that organ and tissue donation is permissible and encouraged under Jewish Law.

We speak loudly against antisemitism and racism of all kinds. Our commitment to really making a difference within our communities by helping women, children, families, the disadvantaged, seniors and new immigrants continues to be of primary importance, and we advocate on behalf of these groups when the need arises. We will continue to be relevant in our ever-changing world.

We are a strong force on the international stage by being the only Canadian affiliate of International Council of Jewish women, an organization with over 30 affiliate countries working to make a difference at the UN and World Jewish Congress. We add our voice to help those who cannot advocate for themselves.

Our effect is felt in Israel, where we support ALUMA, a social service agency in Tel Aviv that helps those dealing with trauma.

Yes, NCJWC is a force, continuing to work tirelessly to promote social justice, freedom, equality and tolerance, while engaging in meaningful projects to impact our communities. Through our collective energies and enthusiasm, we are committed to making a positive impact. This drive, coupled with our members’ enthusiasm, shall propel us into the future to meet and take advantage of opportunities that are set before us.

The permanent installation of this plague at this location is indeed significant. The Government of Canada has recognized the historical significance of NCJWC to the country’s landscape. Because 44 St. George was our headquarters for so many of our formative years as we established a real presence in Canada, it is fitting that the plaque has its permanent home here.

I am so proud to be the President of this powerful, STRONG National organization whose legacy forges the path on which we will continue our work.