NCJWC Annual General Meeting October 20-22, 2018

This year our AGM was held in Winnipeg and was a great success.

This was my first full AGM that I ran since becoming President of NCJWC. The agenda was full, and the atmosphere powerful. The National body meets formally only once per year over 2 days; not a long period of time. Those in attendance were totally engaged and were all involved in the discussions and decisions made.

Social action efforts of NCJWC were a major discussion. Our guest speaker at lunch on our first day, was Ran Ukashi, the National Director of the League for Human Rights of B’nai Brith Canada who spoke on how we can help their campaigns in the fight against antisemitism. It was decided that when called upon to act, we will partner with B’nai Brith to support their efforts.

Successful programs across the country were shared so that other Sections could learn and perhaps choose to take on some of these programs.

A human trafficking educational kit has been developed by Toronto Section. This kit is available to all sections to help educate their communities about the dangers of human trafficking within their midst.

In Barrie, Ontario, there is work being done to form a new Section of NCJWC. The first meeting of interested women will take place on November 12, 2018. This is a very exciting initiative spearheaded by a Toronto member who has now moved to the Barrie area. If successful, this will be the first new Section to be formed in decades!

It was announced that the next executive meeting of ICJW will take place in Toronto from May 26-28, 2019. NCJWC is pleased to host this meeting with the help of Toronto Section. Any member of NCJWC can attend the meetings as an observer. The calibre of these meetings is very high. There are 34 countries represented by this organization. ICJW is involved in matters that are international in scope such as women’s issues, children’s issues, poverty, antisemitism and Israel.

The next NCJWC meeting will be a Triennial Convention and will take place November 16-18, 2019 in Edmonton, Alberta. We hope to see a large turnout of members.

By attending a NCJWC Convention you can be assured there will be lots of dialogue, camaraderie, decision making, and of course, eating coupled with invigorating and stimulating conversation and discussions. All attendees come back to their home community with renewed enthusiasm and excitement that propels them to continue to move their Sections in a positive direction.

Best regards,
Debbie Wasserman
President, NCJWC

NCJWC National AGM 2018