ncjwc team

W2W Against Racism is a committee of the NCJWC Antisemitism portfolio.  
W2W Against Racism was created as a response to the rising hatred towards minorities and marginalized peoples of which the Jewish community is a prominent target.  

Driven by the values of NCJWC, the members of W2W Against Racism determined that the most effective and impactful solution was to reach out to other women’s groups experiencing discrimination and work towards a model of compassionate dialogue to combat racism. 

Vision Statement

To eradicate all forms of racism. 

Mission Statement

W2W Against Racism is a group of women representing women’s organizations whose communities may be targets of discrimination and/or prejudice. 

Our mission is to stand in solidarity as partners to show the power of respect, acceptance and understanding to pave the way towards peace and harmony among all. Our belief is that women have the capacity to demonstrate true cooperation and collaboration through comradery. 

Our Goal

To create programs and projects to bring to life our mission statement. 


On Monday, March 20, 2023, the women of W2W Against Racism presented a webinar on Antisemitism to the Bangladesh Centre and Community Services. This was a historical moment in the life of NCJWC as it had never been done before. The presentation was well received.